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Hi, I'm Leonardo Echenique, founder of Software de Arte. Please, feel free to write your comments, suggestion, questions, or anything that you like. Your participation always helps to make the application better.

You can contact me writing here, or by email, or in Facebook. Keep in mind that if you have an email filter it's possible that you will not receive my answer. If this happens, try writing in the Facebook page.

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How to start

Little Theatre is an innovative writing tool for theatre lovers who want to become involved in the fascinating world of playwriting.


Start by placing the work in time and place. We recommend using one of the topics included in Little Theatre since these have been designed to provide a space/timeframe loaded with fantasy that the story written by you might contain.


Create male and female characters. Set up your wardrobe according to the theme of the story. Choose a color set for each character. If a character changes costume between acts, it is advisable to maintain the same colors for ease of recognition.


Create acts to divide the work into parts. An introduction, plot, and denouement is a convenient structure to follow. Choose a scenography, a background, and lighting for each act. Position the characters in their places at the beginning of each act.


Create multiple scenes to encapsulate the action and provide the work with more pace. The scenes available on Little Theatre consist of a set of actions that may include: dialogue, shift, rotation, and gesture. You can also add a brief quote from the author.


Print your work as a professional script or in book format.

Little Theatre is developed by Software de Arte, a division of Ediciones Fugaz Antorcha.